What It Means To Be Part Of The MasFajitas Team...

Having Fun At Work!

Work is never a drag at MasFajitas. We encourage our staff to enjoy thier time together and have fun. Joining the team is always a good time!

Having Fun Outside Of Work!

Having fun doesn’t have to end at work. Joining our team means your invited to our staff events: cookouts, holiday parties, stadium tours and more!

Being Rewarded for Your Hard Work!

Without the hard work of our team we would not be where we are today. Rewarding all of our all-stars is a must. Joining our team means your hard work will be recongnized!

Working as a Team to Satisfy Customers!

Satifsfying our customers is the number one priority, but this is not a one person job. Joining the MasFajitas team means you have a hard working and experienced team behind you. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Investing in Yourself!

With competitive pay, advancement within the company, and flexible hours, MasFajitas is the perfect place to build your skill set and grow. We love seeing employees who go on to doing great things, whether that’s with MasFajitas or elsewhere.


Looking for an environment that is fun and exciting? Ready to join a team that works and celebrates together? Look no further than MasFajitas! To apply fill out all the information below and upload your resume if you have one. We will get back to you to set up an interview!

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